FlightSim Commander 10

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Exclusive for Microsoft ®
Flight Simulator 2004 + FS X

The FlightSim Commander 10
is not compatible with Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D.

Le FlightSim Commander 10 
n'est pas compatible avec Prepar3D de Lockheed Martin.

Der FlightSim Commander 10
ist nicht kompatibel mit Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D.

Try the FlightSim Commander 10 before you buy.
Download the evaluation copy of the FlightSim Commander and check
out the compatibility with your Microsoft FS2004 / FS X flight simulator.

Essayez le FlightSim Commander 10 avant d'acheter.
Téléchargez la copie d'évaluation du FlightSim Commander et vérifiez la compatibilité avec votre simulateur de vol Microsoft FS2004 / FS X .

Testen Sie den FlightSim Commander 10 vor dem Kauf.
Laden Sie hier die Evaluationskopie des FlightSim Commander und überzeugen Sie sich von der Kompatibilität mit Ihrem
Microsoft FS2004 / FS X

Support Forum
Navigational data updates


Navigraph offers monthly FMS Data and charts updates for the real-world databases which are used
by several Flight Simulator and also FlightSim Commander.
These include among others navaids, intersections, GPS fixes, airways, SIDs, STARs and Transitions.
Please check Navigraph's website for further information and how to obtain database updates.

Aerosoft ™

NavDataPro is now available as a download. It's an update service for navigational data and charts
used by several Flight Simulator add-ons as well as FlightSim Commander.
As in real life aviation many users are aiming at conducting their simulated flights with the aid of real
and up to date navigational data.
Please check www.aerosoft.com website for further information and how to obtain database updates.

What it is:

FlightSim Commander 10 is a professional
flight planner, GPS, Moving Map & navigation tool for
Flight Simulator 2004 and Flight Simulator X
Being a stand-alone program, FlightSim Commander
can also be used in a network, with single-monitor or
multi-monitor systems.

The program includes among many features:

  • Create flight plans automatically, manually or both
    for any section of your route

  • Create flight plans along low altitude and high altitude airways

  • Create a database of your own custom waypoints

  • Insert Standard Instrument Departures (SIDs) and Standard Arrival Routes (STARs) and Transitions

  • Create and reload route segments for departure, arrival and enroute

  • Display update and choose for flight planning
    North Atlantic Tracks (NATracks)
    as well as
    Pacific Organized Tracks (PACOTs)

  • Look at airport layouts including runways, taxiways
    and aprons

  • Display available missed approaches at your destination airport

  • Calculate fuel consumption and alternate airport

  • Look at a map displaying VORs, NDBs, ILS'es, airports, runways, MSA (minimum sector altitude),
    12 types of airspaces
    as well as coastlines and national boundaries

  • Use a GPS display for easy navigation

  • Transmit ILS, VOR and NDB frequencies to your Flight Simulator

  • Set an autopilot for following the filed route or
    to go directly to a chosen geographic location

  • Choose fly-by or fly-over for passing waypoints

  • Track your flight on a real-time Moving Map display

  • Record flight data and inspect them afterwards

  • Display a recorded flight in GoogleEarth©

  • Display flight plan in GoogleEarth©

  • Show current aircraft position in GoogleEarth©

  • Loading flight plans from RouteFinder©

  • Define and fly holding patterns

  • Display both airborne and ground AI traffic

  • Get TCAS warnings for approaching AI aircraft

  • Keep a logbook in which major flight data on aircraft,
    fuel and route are automatically saved

  • Make a world-wide search to easily find any navaid, waypoint, airport or airway

  • Check violations of control zones during VFR flights

  • Display a flight analysis including altitude and
    control zone violation

  • Display active controllers and control areas for
    and IVAO online pilots

  • Display weather from thousands of world-wide weather stations including sunrise and sunset times

  • Match the current weather data now, both, in the navigation data window and on the map, in the vicinity of the wind arrow, the barometric pressure and manual adjustment of the air pressure in the "Kollsman Window" is displayed

  • After a professional collaboration with Bernd Podhradsky, developer of the FS Global Real Weather program,
    the weather data will be made available to the
    FlightSim Commander


System Requirements:

Apart from Flight Simulator you need at least
Windows XP SP3, WIN 7, WIN 8.1, WIN 10

For connecting FlightSim Commander with Flight Simulator you need a version of Peter Dowson's 

FSUIPC 3.99x
or higher (for FS2004) or
FSUIPC4 4.9x
or higher (for FS X

If you wish to use FlightSim Commander in a network, you also need Peter Dowson's

All these modules are available on most of the standard well-known flightsim-related websites
and forums.

You can also go directly to
Peter Dowson's forum where these and
other useful modules can be downloaded.
Peter's site also offers many detailed descriptions, documentations, translations and tutorials.

Registration and / or buying:

FlightSim Commander 10
is a shareware program
which can be purchased at 
SimMarket.com or Aerosoft.com

You can download an
evaluation copy from here.

The evaluation copy is fully functional
with the restriction that the program will automatically terminate after a period of
30 minutes and that flight plans cannot
be saved.

You can run
as many 30 min-sessions as you like



If you have any further questions or need additional information
that is not available on this website, please feel free to contact me.
Volker Heine