Charts and Special Windows

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FlightSim Commander provides a large number of chart widows and special feature windows which intend to facilitate flight planning and navigation. These windows will give additional information not necessarily displayed on the main map. 

Airport Information Window Window

The Airport Information Window provides detailed
graphic and textual information on individual airports.
This includes among other things runways, frequencies, parking positions, latitude and longitude of the ARP, elevation, and magnetic variation. Of course, airport information can also be printed out.

Approach Window

The Approach Window displays transitions, approaches, and missed approaches for any runway where this information is available.

In addition, a runway approach chart is added with altitude and distance, markers and elevation. 

User Waypoints

In addition to standard official waypoints you can define your own waypoints which are saved in a separate database and are treated in flight planning just as any other waypoint.
FlightSim Commander ships with a database of roughly 1000 user waypoints, mostly reporting points.

Friends Window

Pilots flying with IVAO or VATSIM can save their friends in a separate dabase. The Friends Window shows who of your friends is online and what s/he is currently doing.


Automatic Logbook

Each flight is automatically recorded and can then be saved in the logbook.

The logbook informs about fuel consumption, flight and aircraft parameters, and waypoint information.

Note that the logbook is independent, i.e. it records the actual flight and not the flight plan.


Find Object Window

Did you ever wonder where e.g. airway A11 is located and where it starts and where it ends?
No problem. Open the Find Object Window, type in the appropriate code, select the desired item from the list, and the object will then be displayed in red on the map so that it can be very easily identified.