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Installation message

During installation I get the message the application or DLL C:\Windows\System32\Ole2.dll is not a
valid Windows file

This error message seems to be Windows-internal and may be safely ignored. Just continue without doing anything

Runtime Error 380 When I start the program, it crashes after a while with the message "Runtime Error 380" The error occur if for some unknown reason the Windows' default fonts "Small Fonts" (SMALLE.FON) and "MS Sans Serif" (SSERIFE.FON) have not been installed. Re-install these fonts.
It may also occur when the option "Only True Type Fonts" has been selected in Windows. Deselect this option in System Control --> Fonts --> Tools --> Folder Options --> True Type Fonts.
NaTracks - PACOTs   Read the announcement in our Forum

Airport Window

When I open the Airport Window, I get a printer error, although I haven't printed anything.

This error occurs when no printer is attached to your computer. A printer doesn't have to be physically present, but a printer driver has to be installed.
Run DB Manager first I always get the message Run Database Manager first, even though I have already done that. This message occurs when FS Commander does not find the necessary databases in \database. Presumably you are running a network which is not properly installed so the program does not find the FS directory. Download the current manual and read chapter Appendix Network.
Flight plans & PMDG I have created and saved a flight plan FS Commander using the correct PMDG 747 format, but the B747's FMC refuses to load that flight plan. There is a crucial difference between the B747 and the B737 format. With the B747 format the FMC checks whether or not the waypoints are in its database and if they are not, the flight plan will not be loaded. In contrast, with the B737 format the FMC takes any waypoint and simply focuses on the coordinates. So if your flight plan has waypoints (e.g. Natracks) that are not in the B747 database the plan won't load correctly. However, since the B747 FMC also accepts B737 format, there is an easy workaround. Save your flight plans in such cases in B737 format, but then load it as usual into the B747 FMC.

AI Traffic

I see fewer AI aircraft in FlightSim Commander than in FS. Furthermore, the aircraft labels are different.  Aircraft labels and aircraft frequency can be set in the FSUIPC menu. Choose <Technical> and set the TCAS Range to 0 in order to see all airborne AI aircraft. Select the TCAS ID String for the aircraft label.  

Database Update

Can I update the data files for airways,
and, navaids, SIDs, STARs and Transitions etc?
Yes! Navigraph and Aerosoft offers a monthly update for all those data that are not directly read from Flight Simulator itself. Note, however, that these updates need to be paid for.

Multiplayer Mode

I'm an online pilot and would like to see the other players and their aircraft on the map. You need the program AIBridge which you can download from our Download Page. AIBridge feeds multiplayer aircraft into the AI traffic pipeline. Please, also read the section on AIBridge in the written documentation.

Double Airports

I recently got a new add-on scenery, ran the Database Manager again to update the airports; but now the new airport appears twice in the Map Window: double airports, double runways, double taxiways, double ILS'es, etc. The Database Manager reads the *.bgl files according to the hierarchy set in the file scenery.cfg. Add-on sceneries should be preferably installed in the  folder "Addon Scenery" (that's what this folder is there for). But they should NEVER BE INSTALLED in the "scenery" folder where all stock airports are located (FS9\scenery\, assuming you have installed in FS9\).

Double ILS

Some of the airports for which I have add-on sceneries have double ILS'es in the Map Window. In most cases ILS'es appear twice in FS Commander simply because there are more than 1 Airport file exists.

FS always pauses

Whenever I do something in FS Commander, Flight Simulator loses focus and pauses. in Flight Simulator choose the Options menu. Go to Settings -> General and uncheck Pause on task switch.

Network & WideFS

I'm using a two-computer setup with FS on one machine and FS Commander on the other. The two computers are connected in a network and I use WideFS. I can't update the airport database with the Database Manager because the FS drive and directory does not appear in the file selection box. Furthermore, I get an error when trying to save a flight plan in PMDG format or in the FS flight plan directory. FS Commander needs access to the drive and directory where FS is installed on your (main) computer. And it also needs both read and write access to the drive and directory where FS flight plans are saved (standardly c:\).

If you have problems with FS Commander in a network, we suggest you download the current manual and read chapter Appendix Network.

Import FS flight plans

Is it possible to import FS flight plans into FlightSim Commander? No, unfortunately not; the reason being that FS Commander flight plans contain more information than Flight Simulator flight plans provide.