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FlightSim Commander has a large number of different features and functions which are, in most cases, accessible over separate windows. These windows are accessed by choosing the corresponding menu or by pressing the corresponding button in the Map Window which is the main window of FlightSim Commander.
The following overview lists the major windows of FlightSim Commander as well as their most prominent features. If you wish more detailed information including screenshots and graphic displays, click on the corresponding navigation button on the left hand side.
The Map Window displays:
navigational aids (VOR, NDB, ILS, intersections, etc.)
 - airports (runways, taxiways, aprons, etc.)
 - airways (jetways and victorways)
 - airspaces (control zone, FIRs, etc.)
 - Minimum Safe Altitude (MSA)
 - wind direction and speed
 - coastlines and state boundaries
AI Traffic is displayed with:
 - heading
 - ground speed
 - altitude
 - call sign or tail number
 - departure and destination airport
The GPS Window display:
- page 1 (general information: latitude, longitude, etc.)
- page 2 (waypoint information)
- page 3 (arrival airport information)
- page 4 (weather report)
- page 5 (ILS selection)
- page 6 (
Virtual ILS Approach)
- page 7 (nearest airport list)   

Online pilot support:
- VATSIM airspace structure
- IVAO airspace structure
- display of active controllers

The Navigation Data Window display:
- Heading, Track, Altitude, AGL, TAS/IAS, GS, True
- Heading, Magnetic Variation, WCA (Wind Correction
- Angle), Wind direction and speed,
- FlyBy/FlyOver, BRG, FRQ, DST, ETE

Fields to
operate by:
- Prev. Waypoint, Next Waypoint, AutoHeading, GoTo
- Name and elevation of departure airport, number of
- parking positions,
- for users of the IVAO - Network Departure and Arrival
- Information: Active controllers at the airport
Flight Planning is provided for:
- simple manual or automatic plans
- navaid-to-navaid, victors airways, jet airways
- combined plans with different route types
- SIDs/STARs, Transitions, NATtracks, Pacots
- user-defined route segments
Charts and special windows
 - airport information
 - graphic and textual arrival chart
 - graphic and textual departure chart
 - automatic logbook
 - runway chart