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The Map Window is the main window of FlightSim Commander. It is basically a geographic map on which all relevant navigational information is displayed.
12 different airspaces can be displayed (control zone, ARTCC, ACC, TCA, CTA, CVFR, ADA, SCTR, FIR, UIR, OCA, Korean Buffer Zone). 
The button bar at the left margin allows you to toggle the display of individual objects on and off.
The small symbol represent AI aircraft with their call sign, ground speed, and altitude. When you are connected to Flight Simulator, the larger magenta aircraft symbol represents your current position.

EDDK Cologne/Bonn Germany

Approach and missed approach at EDDK


Real-world weather and METAR

Busy Spanish peninsula


Flight plans are created on the flight plan panel. During the flight this panel also displays for each waypoint (in red) actual time of arrival, average ground speed, altitude, and fuel consumption.
In addition, the panel shows takeoff time and estimated arrival time.
After arrival a special window helps you to identify the parking position and taxiways assigned by ATC.  Selecting the proper gate, the position will appear in red on the map.

Selecting gate and taxiway at RJBB

Selecting SIDs

ZZZZ flight plan