IVAO and VATSIM (limited) Online Flights

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FlightSim Commander provides a special feature for online pilots flying with IVAO or VATSIM. The respective airspace structure (for VATSIM only limited) can be displayed with indications which airspace and airports are currently being served by an active controller. The relevant information is read from a file which can be downloaded and updated at regular intervals.
With this information the online pilot can tell whether or not his departure and arrival airports are currently being controlled. And he can also tell if during his flight he will pass through airspaces under active control.
Controlled airspaces appear with thin diagonal lines, while currently uncontrolled airspaces are shown as empty polygons. Actively controlled airports are indicated by colored circles, where each color indicates ground, tower, departure, etc. Furthermore, information on active controllers and flying pilots can be displayed in separate windows. 

IVAO in Spain

Controller information

Pilot information

Online Friend's list

Online friends can be saved in a special database and the Friends' Window displays who of those is currently active and what he is doing.