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Review at by Arjun Murthy

"FlightSim Commander is an absolutely fantastic program when it comes to virtual pilots. I would recommend this program to anyone that flies non-FMC aircraft or default aircraft a lot. It has it all in one product and makes an absolutely great little tool with all information.

It is a bit like a very informative co-pilot. It has all the required navigation information and is readily available. The program doesn't take long to laod and when connected to your flight sim, it slowly monitors and can even record your each and every move. This will definitely be one of those products that I will use in almost ALL my flights.

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Review at FS Magazin (English translation)

"This is what online pilots have been waiting for for a long time...."
"The additional [VATSIM and IVAO] support has made what originally was a purely navigational tool into an invaluable tool for online and long-distance pilots...."

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Review at FS Reviews              

"The feature that is most impressive is the small GPS window that sits in the corner of your FS screen, displaying five mini pages of information related to your current flight. This covers all aspects from your heading, true track and magnetic variation, to waypoint, weather data and a track error indicator. The track error indicator can send navigation frequencies and data to your in-flight instruments with a simple click of a button..."

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